Creating a POPin

Step 1: Log in to

Step 2: Select the type of POPin you'd like to run: Prioritize, Crowdsource, or Survey

Step 3: Follow the guided steps to craft your question and configure your POPin. Here are a few helpful hints to keep in mind:

  • Crafting the perfect question is all about being narrow, focused, and positive. You can always choose from our list of proven questions to get you started. Learn more

  • We've found 72 hours to be the ideal length for a POPin. Just long enough for users to participate, but not so long that people lose interest. Learn more

  • Determining how users will access your POPin is a huge factor in hitting those participation metrics you're looking for; don't forget to share the link, or no one will join! Learn more

  • We strongly recommend setting your POPin to collect anonymous responses. Scary? Maybe. But it's also the best way to ensure you'll get the most candid and actionable feedback. After all, that's what drew you to POPin in the first place! Learn more

Step 4: Click 'Save & Preview' to generate the web link. You'll be able to share this with your team in the next step.

Step 5: Share your POPin by copying the share link and distributing through your most trusted and used platform (email, MS Teams, Slack, carrier pigeon, etc.).

Managing a POPin

Edit POPin Settings

You can update or edit any setting, as long as your question does not have any participation at that point. After a single user takes one action in your POPin, you cannot change the question type or anonymity setting.

Drive Participation

As the POPin Creator, actively engage in your session! One of the best ways to show your users you're listening is to jump into the conversation. Learn more

After a POPin

For long-term success, it is critical to close the loop with your team after your POPin ends. Demonstrating that you’re listening and incorporating their feedback into action plans builds trust and drives participation in future POPins. Learn more

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