When crafting your POPin question, we recommend using this template: "If you could suggest one thing that would improve X, what would it be?"

This format is singular, constructive and focused, and will lead to actionable answers you can use to make decisions with the team's support. 


Ask your audience for ONE thing.

We have found users provide actionable feedback when they only have one question to answer. Otherwise, your audience will either:

  1. Answer one of the questions

  2. Answer none of the questions

  3. Answer all of the questions in a very lengthy or list format, making it difficult for you as a POPin Creator to take action


Keep your question positive.

If you wanted to get insight from your audience on improving the culture of your organization, you could ask this: 

"What would stop you from recommending our company as a great place to work?" 

But in our experience, you'll get more complaints than actionable feedback. Instead, opt to use a positive verb to solicit constructive ideas, like "improve", "enhance", "increase", or "revamp". 


Let your audience know exactly where you need feedback.

Have you ever asked for advice on one thing, only to have the person you're asking go on a tangent about something loosely related? To prevent that from happening in a POPin, be super specific about what you need. For example, operating from our recommended template, this "X" is far too broad: 

If you could suggest one thing that would improve our culture, what would it be? 

Instead, get specific about what aspect of culture you want the crowd to improve: 

If you could suggest one thing that would improve how we live out our organizational value of ‘accountability’ on a day-to-day basis, what would it be? 

Specificity works wonders with getting your audience on the right track to give you the answers you need.

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