Have you heard the news? POPin Live allows you to have honest conversations with your audience during a meeting or event, complete with real-time updates and a sleek live view

Learn more about how to use POPin Live below:

What is Live View?

POPin's Live View is a read-only presentation mode that displays a real-time feed of top responses and average ratings based on the questions you ask your team.

How do I create a POPin to use in a live setting?

POPin Live is easy to use - simply create your session and and hit 'Save & Preview'. After creating your POPin, use the 'Live View' button to open the view in a new tab. Once users join your POPin, you'll start to see the feed fill with valuable feedback:

How do participants join POPin Live?

Once you create your POPin and enter the Live View you'll see instructions on how to join in the left hand view of the screen. Simply visit POPin Live and enter the six character code to join instantly!

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