POPin allows users to grant other members in their organization access to their individual accounts for the purpose of launching and managing POPins on their behalf. The assignee (delegated member) will have full access to the assignor's POPin account (with a few exceptions.)

What can be accessed by an assignee when he/she is added to the assignor's account?

  1. 'Participate' page: click-through access to all open, scheduled, and closed questions accessed as a user. This means that the assignee will be able to contribute on the assignor's behalf and see any activity in those POPins.
  2. 'Launch & Manage' page: click-through access to all POPins previously created by the assignor, and authorization to create and manage new POPins on the assignor's behalf
  3. User settings: limited to profile name/picture and POPin notifications

What can't an assignee access when he/she is added to the assignor's account?

  1. Assignor's POPin password
  2. Assignor's Account Access settings
  3. Organization's Account Access Settings

Granting Account Access FAQs

How do I grant access to my account to other users?

  1. Log in to your personal POPin account and click on your profile icon at the top right corner of the page
  2. Click on 'Manage My Account Access'
  3. To Add: Type in the email of the user into the input field and click 'Add'. *Please note, you can only add existing POPin users within your organization. 
  4. To Revoke: Click on 'Remove' under the assignee's name

Can I limit an assignee's permissions after granting them access to my account?

The short answer is no. Make sure you only grant access to users you trust to have complete access to your account. By adding an assignee you are authorizing them to view and act on your behalf in the features stated above, at any time, until you remove their access via Manage My Account Access.

How will I know what actions the assignee has taken in my POPin account?

You and your assignee will be notified via email about the following actions taken in your POPin account:

  1. POPin invitations, reminders, and/or summaries
  2. An edit or deletion of POPins
  3. Changes to the assignor's personal user settings

I've Been Granted Account Access FAQ's

  1. Log into your personal POPin account and click on your profile icon in the top right corner of the page.
  2. Select the account you want to access under 'Other Accounts You Can Access'
  3. You will now be acting as an assignee for that user inside of their POPin account. You will see an orange 'ATTENTION' banner across all pages that verify that you are acting on their behalf until you switch back to your primary account.

How do I switch back to my primary account?

Once you've finished taking action in the assignor's account, click on the profile icon in the top right corner of the page and select your default account under 'Other Accounts You Can Access'. Verify that you are now in your default account and do not see the orange 'ATTENTION' banner across the page.

Can I access my assignor's account from my phone?

Yes, locate and click on the profile icon on mobile to switch accounts.

If I'm permitted to access another user's account, are they able to access mine?

No, other users in your organization are only permitted to access your account if you add them via Manage My Account Access.

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