POPin's mission to help leaders solve problems with buy-in from the crowd. We believe the people closest to the problem have the best ideas for solutions. 

Through thousands of POPins, we’ve learned how best to communicate concerns in a constructive way to encourage leaders to take action, but we’ve also seen some less-than-helpful tactics you’ll want to avoid. Here are our best do's and don'ts for effective and constructive POPin participation:


  1. Be honest. Be candid and direct, so others know exactly what to vote on.

  2. Be professional. Keep in mind: the people you work with are reading what you write! To maintain a cordial atmosphere, bring that same tone you’d use in a team meeting to the POPin.

  3. Be clear and concise. The more words you use, the less likely your leader will know exactly what action you want them to take. With POPin, less is often more!


  1. Be rude. Avoid explicit, obscene or hateful content. Candid conversation sparks positive change, but only with a respectful foundation.

  2. Bad-mouth others. Kindergarten rules apply: avoid pointing fingers, or you may just start a food fight in the cafeteria.

  3. Offer problems without solutions. For every problem you uncover, try to think of a creative solution to address it. 

Want to enable the POPin Code of Conduct for your organization? Visit the Enterprise Dashboard and select 'Settings' 

Please note: you must be the Account Owner or an Account Administrator in order to access the Enterprise Dashboard

Use the toggle to enable or disable the configuration

While enabled, the Code of Conduct will display for all users in every POPin until they select 'Don't show this message again'

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