To access a POPin you were invited to, check your work email (don't forget to check spam!) or your POPin account. If you've been invited to a session but can't find the email invitation, try going to the "Participation" tab, located at the top of your Creator Dashboard.

If you've already gained access to a POPin but are unable to post responses or add votes/comments, it may be because:

  1. The POPin has closed. POPin conversations only remain open for a specified amount of time. If you missed your chance, contact the POPin Creator; they may be able to reopen the session for you, or possibly have plans to launch a new session in the future.

  2. The POPin has not yet opened. Check back when the POPin is active to participate.

  3. You are using an unsupported browser. Start by performing a hard refresh (hold down "Ctrl" [Windows] or "Shift" [Mac], then click refresh). If that didn't help try using Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox. Check out our minimum device OS and browser requirements for more info.

Still no luck? Contact the POPin Creator to ensure:

  1. They used the correct email address to invite you to the POPin. If you have more than one company email, double check the POPin Creator invited the correct email address.

  2. There were no typos in the email address they invited. One tiny letter or punctuation mark can keep you from receiving the correct email.

  3. They invited you to participate in a POPin. Oftentimes POPin Creators will introduce the POPin app to their team before launching their first POPin. If you've received communication inviting you to create a POPin account but cannot find a specific POPin to participate in, keep an eye on your email for an invitation!

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