How you access a POPin session all depends on how the session Creator configured that session, as well as how they plan to foster conversation with the targeted audience.

But let's start here: Did someone give you a proper introduction to this mighty tool? If not, we recommended you check out our What is POPin and how does it work? article. At a minimum, watch this video tutorial to get started!

Ways participants might join a POPin.

Option 1: Through a share link

This is the most common method used by POPin Creators. When they set up a POPin session, they simply share a link with you via their preferred communication platform(s)—email, text, intranet, MS Teams, Slack, etc.

When you click the link, one of two things will happen:

  • You 'pop right in' to the session ... and you're off providing your valuable input and feedback!

  • POPin prompts you for your email address. In this case, you'll need to enter your company email, and then verify that email address through a message sent to your Inbox before you can join the session.

    If you don't receive the verification email: Did you check your junk mail?! Make sure that you check your spam/junk mail folder. Some companies use email filtration systems to protect employees from fraudulent web links. If your email is not in your Inbox or your spam folder, reach out to a member of the POPin team through the chat icon below and we'll get you taken of!

Option 2: Through POPin Live

You might be asked to join a POPin session through This access method is great when leaders and changemakers are inviting a larger audience to weigh-in at a company-wide meeting, or customer event.

When POPin live is used, you'll need an event coordinator to give you the POPin session's unique code—which will be entered on the sign in screen.

Use the live Help chat to contact our Client Success Team if you'd like additional support on any of these topics.

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