Please note: If you are having difficulty downloading a report, ensure that your operating system and internet browser are up-to-date. Out of date systems are more likely to encounter issues not outlined in this article.

  1. Select your completed POPin from the Launch & Manage page
  2. Optionally, customize your report to promote noteworthy content hand selected by you, segment results by subgroups, and show/hide content from your PDF download. 
  3. Select 'Export Report'

  4. Select which version you'd like to download: PDF or CSV spreadsheet

Note: If your POPin contains multiple questions, the download function will download all reports.

  5. Depending on the option you select, your download will start immediately. 

Note: Participants in your POPin now have easy access to the report through their "Participate" dashboard. When a user clicks into your POPin, they will have the option to view and download the POPin report through the ellipses icon at the top right-hand corner. Opt to customize your report if you'd like to highlight particular content. 

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