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In addition to our open-ended, rating scale, and yes/no functionalities, POPin now allows you to create multiple choice questions to help you source valuable feedback from your team!

Try creating you own Multiple Choice question by selecting 'Create a POPin' on the Launch & Manage page

After entering your question, select 'Multiple Choice' from the Question Type dropdown menu

You'll be prompted to input your answer choices in the provided boxes.

Select 'Add another answer choice' to create up to 10 answer choices per question; select the 'x' next to an answer choice to remove it.

Optional: you can choose to have answer choices displayed randomly or in the order that you provide them using the 'Randomize Choice Order' function

Select 'Save' and continue configuring your POPin settings. After you've created and shared your POPin, participants will be able to select an answer choice and collaborate by voting and commenting on additional content 

It's that easy!

Did you know? After your POPin closes you'll receive a customizable report for your session!

Want step-by-step instructions on how to create and manage a POPin? Check out our guide on launching and managing a session.

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