To ensure optimal participation in your POPin, be sure to introduce POPin to your audience prior to sharing the link. POPin differs from the typical survey in several key ways, which often requires a bit of education to encourage users to engage with the platform productively.

Take a few minutes in a meeting, an email, or post a brief description in MS Teams or Slack to explain what our tool is and why you're expecting your team to participate. This can also be a great opportunity to reaffirm that all participation is anonymous. Share the link to your POPin somewhere toward the bottom of your communication. Consider this as a starting point:


Hi team,
I'd love your feedback, and I want you to feel safe sharing it. Please click this link to join our first POPin: [link]. POPin is a platform for anonymous, actionable conversations, so you can share your thoughts anonymously, and add votes and comments to responses from your peers. This POPin will only be open for three days, so please take a moment to jump in. Don't forget to keep checking back to see what others are saying! 

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