POPin is all about fostering honest conversations to drive clarity, build trust and achieve buy-in. We recommend allowing universal access to the Launch & Manage page -- the screen on which employees can become POPin Creators -- to allow POPin to grow across your organization. POPin Creators are always named, and if you are an account administrator you are able to view who is launching POPins at any point in your organization. You never know when someone might come up with a brilliant new way to leverage the tool!

If you would like to restrict POPin creation, navigate to the Enterprise Dashboard settings and toggle the switch to ON. Confirm in the dialogue box that you would like to restrict access. 

The very first time you enable this restriction, the initial list of POPin Creators that appears will be any employee who has previously created a POPin. You are able to restrict access by clicking the X next to their name. If at any point you disable the restriction and reenable it later, the list of Creators will be cleared and you will have to add them again.

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