Your POPin enterprise dasboard provides a bird's-eye-view of all POPin activity happening across your organization. Use this page to discover when, how, and how often users in your company are creating POPins.

Overview: View how many people in your organization are using POPin, how many are creating POPins, how many POPins are live, and a general overview of how much participation exists within those POPins.

Usage by Device: Learn how your users access POPin.

Activities by Use Case: Here is where you'll find POPin participation across your organization based on POPin's four core use cases: Meetings (before & after a meeting or townhall), Improvement, Survey, and Custom.

POPins by Use Case: View the breakdown of types of POPins that are live across your organization by use case.

Active Users: Learn the breakdown of users in your organization. Remember, because guest users do not log in at any point, this number does not reflect unique users.

Active POPin Creators: View information about who in your organization is launching POPins.

POPins: View all live, upcoming, and completed POPins in your organization. If you would like to view the results of a particular session, please contact the POPin Creator.

You can filter this information by the last twelve weeks, twelve months, or all time, as well as export a CSV of the data at the top of the page.

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