To access the Settings page of your Enterprise Dashboard, click the icon with your initials or profile picture, select Enterprise Dashboard, then click the Settings tab. Here you will be able to configure access to POPin in your organization.

Account Basics: Edit your organization name and associated domain names here. NOTE: you will be prompted via chat to confirm adding or removing domain names.

Account Administrators: Add as many account administrators as you would like to have complete access to the enterprise dashboard. NOTE: You can only grant administrator privileges to registered POPin users within your organization.

POPin Configuration and Defaults: 

  • Choose short or long links depending on which you would like all POPin Creators in your organization to share with users. 

  • Enable or disable the POPin Code of Conduct for all users in your organization

  • Restrict POPin creation to authorized users if you would like to limit access to the Launch & Manage page to specific employees.
    NOTE: When you enable this restriction for the first time, the list will be empty and you will need to add users to the authorized list. If you disable the option and enable it again later, the entire list will be cleared. To encourage broad usage, we recommend keeping this option disabled.

Ensure POPin Email Delivery: Whitelist POPin domain names so system-generated emails including invites, reminders, password change notifications and more do not end up in spam or junk folders.

Please refer to our IT Checklist for whitelisting information.

Authentication: Choose from Standard Authentication or set up single-sign-on authentication so your employees do not have to remember multiple passwords. Learn more on how to configure your SAML 2.0 Single Sign-on here.

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