Ask a Question to get anonymous answers from your team. Add POPin to your team by going into the Microsoft Teams app store and clicking on the POPin App. Select the team you'd like to install the app to and click install.  

Click here to install the POPin app for MS Teams.

There are three ways to engage with the POPin bot; in a channel, in the channel tab or through the POPin bot.

1. Using POPin in your Team Channel

Navigate to the channel where you installed the POPin app. Launch a question by typing @POPin followed by the type of question you'd like to ask and your question text. 

-To ask an open-ended question:
Type @popin open-ended followed by your question text
Example: @popin open-ended What is one thing we can do to improve our next sprint?

-To ask a rating scale 1-5 question:
Type @popin rating followed by your question text
Example: @popin rating How effective was our last sprint?

-To ask a yes/no question:
Type @popin yes/no followed by your question text
Example: @popin yes/no Is our current sprint structure working for you?

POPin will display a question card to everyone in your channel with your question and giving them the ability to respond. Your participants can vote on a rating or yes/no and respond with a comment directly in your channel. They can also see each other's answers and can engage further with those answers by voting or commenting on them in the POPin tab.

2. Using the POPin Tab

Use the POPin tab to engage even further in your POPin. Navigate to the tab by clicking the POPin button at the top of your channel.

Within the POPin tab, you can view POPins you've been invited to participate in or created. 

Further customize POPin's you've launched in the tab with the hero bar. Click into the POPin you created and locate the toolbar at the top of the screen.

Edit your POPin using the hero controls on the right hand side of the toolbar. View a full results report by toggling to the "Results" section on the top left hand side. 

You can also participate in a POPin in the tab, giving you the ability to not only vote and respond to a question that was asked, but you'll also be able to see your colleagues answers. You can up-vote, down-vote or comment on other's answers to have a more enriched conversation and to indicate the relevance of others answers.

Have a further discussion with your team about the POPin results by using Microsoft's tab conversation feature. Begin a conversation using the button highlighted below. Chat with your team about the results of your session.

3. Using the POPin bot

The POPin bot is your personal assistant to launch and manage your POPins that you have created. Use the bot to launch a custom question by using the follow commands based on your question type:

-Create open-ended
-Create rating
-Create yes/no

Follow the prompts to create an open-ended, rating (1-5) or yes/no question. The bot can launch the question to your team immediately or you can set the question to launch in the future.

You can also use the POPin bot to launch a question with a more advanced use case, for meetings, town halls or to source ideas for improvement. 

-Create meeting
-Create town hall
-Create improvement

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