So, you're getting close to launching your company's first POPin? Great! It's important to ensure that your environment is set up properly so all your employees have a great experience.  

IT Checklist:

Part One:  Setup

1. Do your employees have multiple company email addresses

  • If so, clarify which formula of the email addresses will be provided to POPin to access the session. This is the email formula that employees will need to use to sign in.

2. To ensure POPin email reaches your inbox, please safelist ALL domains below (preferred) in your proxies, firewalls, corporate mail systems. If you cannot safelist by the domains below, please Contact Us.

  • All subdomains of (*



3. Do you use Microsoft Exchange or Office 365?  

  • You can safelist the domains above using mail flow -> rules

  • You'll also want to Bypass Clutter and Bypass FocusedInbox filtering

  • X-MS-Exchange-Organization-BypassClutter set to true 

  • X-MS-Exchange-Organization-BypassFocusedInbox set to true 

  • You'll want to add both since Office 365 is transitioning from Clutter to Focused Inbox

  • Make sure to NOT check the box "Stop processing more rules" for each

4. Do you use Google Suite (Gsuite)?

  • You may want to safelist the domains above by referring to their documentation.  You may not be able to safelist all subdomains, so please Contact Us.

5. Do you use Mimecast for email security/spam filtering?  

  • To ensure POPin email reaches your inbox, create a new Permitted Sender policy and add our domains above.  Please call your Mimecast support to verify your configuration.

6. Do you use BlackBerry Secure Mobility (formerly Good Dynamics), MobileIron, or any other mobile security services?  

  • If so, please add the POPin mobile apps to the approved application list.

7. Does your company have any Microsoft Edge settings that require sites to be set up as “Trusted” in order to enable all of the site’s functionality?  

  • If you do, make sure *  is Trusted.

  • You might need to have your IT Administrator enable access to our website across the organization.  The recommended method is to use what's called “Group Policy Preferences” in Windows 2008+ 

  • Enter “User Configuration | Preferences | Windows Settings | Registry” in Windows Domain Controller (DC) and add the registry key as shown here:

This is a more flexible method that your IT administrator can consider which would still allow the end-user to update their trusted sites list as they want.

8. Do you use Proofpoint and/or URL Defense for email/link filtering?  

  • If so, please safelist the domains above by referring to their documentation and making sure the above domains are excluded from bring re-written as explained here.

9. Do you use Cisco Email Security for email/link filtering?  

Part Two:  Test

1. Send test POPin Invites and/or a share link to a few employees in order to

  • Verify email delivery to the Inbox. 

  • Verify links in the emails gets them access to POPin.

2. Verify video playback in your corporate default browser configuration. Play these two videos in your two most common browsers to test: 

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