The CIO of Jacobs increased org health scores by 8% in six months. The VP of operations at Lutheran Medical Center saved $400,000 last year. A professor at Clayton State University significantly increased student participation and fostered more relevant classroom discussions. They all did it using POPin's proven use cases.

Each of POPin's use cases are built into a Quick Launch, a pre-programmed POPin you can create with just a few clicks for stellar results. Simply input a few pieces of information, then launch your POPin and invite the team to participate! It's that simple.

Top POPin Use Cases

POPin for Meetings

Increase the effectiveness of your meetings by gathering agenda topics beforehand and clarifying that the message was received afterward. For this Quick Launch, your first step will be to input the date & time for your meeting. POPin will quickly create two POPins for you (but don't worry, we won't share it until you're ready!): 

  1. "What questions or topics do you want us to address at our next meeting?" This POPin will launch three business days prior to the meeting date/time you entered. Use the pencil icon to customize if necessary.
  2. "How effective were the topics covered in today’s meeting, and where do you need more clarity?" This POPin will launch immediately after your meeting (i.e. if your meeting ends at 1pm, this POPin will launch at 1pm). Use the pencil icon to customize if necessary.

POPin for Improvement

Identify opportunities for improvement within your organization or on your team. For this Quick Launch, the default question text reads as follows: "If you could suggest one thing that would improve “X”, what would it be?" Replace "X" with the area you'd like to improve being sure to keep it singular, constructive, and focused. Learn more

POPin for Rollouts
This new quick launch allows you to guarantee project or initiative success before roll out, during implementation and after release. Stop gambling on projects and leverage POPin to check in with your team and ensure success and decrease the chances of failure. Upload a video or media to create a focus group with easy to decipher results.

POPin for Surveys

Use POPin for Surveys to launch multiple POPins simultaneously. Less is more with POPin, so we recommend using this option sparingly for custom use cases. Learn more

Custom POPin

Use this Quick Launch to create a brand new POPin, totally unique to you. Always keep your question singular, constructive, and focused, and you'll receive results that identify the top suggestions to help you make decisions and identify improvement opportunities. Learn more

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