I've launched my session but participation is low. How can I encourage my team to log in and participate?

Participation is a critical part of getting the feedback you need in a POPin. As the POPin Creator, you should be actively engaged in the session. POPin recommends following all or some of the steps below to maximize participation before and during the POPin:

  1. Send a note introducing POPin, setting expectations, and encouraging multiple POPin visits. Incentives for strong participation metrics can also provide value.

  2. Send out invites via email using the Share Link that include a couple of sentences about what you're trying to solve to provide context and engage your audience

  3. Add 1-2 responses at the start of the session to get the conversation going

  4. Respond to Questions/Comments in the POPin - either named or anonymously 

  5. Send out reminders via email using the Share Link to help keep the POPin top of mind - include phrasing such as “time is running out” or “last chance to participate” in your subject line and mention the top one or two answers in the email text to get them curious and interested in the conversation.

My POPin has already ended but I didn't have any activity. How can I extend my POPin?

Click on the POPin tab next to your results and select 'Extend' from the menu.

Select the new time you'd like your POPin to close, and hit 'Save'.

After extending your POPin, use the tips above to drive participation from your audience. 

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